Thursday, April 16, 2009


Welcome to Things Notre Dame Students Like, the blog that documents the Things that we as Notre Dame Students eat, drink, say, watch, believe and do.

This is just the beginning (as there are so many wonderful things that we like) and there will be many additions in the coming weeks.  So become a follower, add comments, send me pictures and stories, and tell your friends, because we've never liked so many things before.

Thanks, and enjoy!



  1. hahahah. this is AMAZING!!!

  2. god notre dame sucks. Is this an example of how your "excellence" bears over all of us lowly workers? Go back to studying looking through your gold rimmed, rose colored glasses.

  3. What's wrong, Anonymous, is that UM degree not working out for you?

  4. I don't even go to Notre Dame (just know a few people at ND), and found all of these postings hilarious. I'm sure being a part of the things ND students like firsthand would make them even funnier

  5. another thing notre dame kids like to do: complain about what notre dame kids like to you! its true though everyone does it

    blogging or talking about how everyone is undersexed, nerdy, the girls are fat and ugly, the guys think theyre cooler than they are, cant party, cant dress well or dress too well, too religious, too rich, blah blah

    its cool the blog is funny and all but ND kids are more hateful to ourselves than our rivals are

    there are 2 types of people in this country: people who go to ND and people who wish they go to ND (if you say thats not true its cause your jealous so hush) for the people who do go to ND have some more pride we can still laugh at ourselves without looking like assholes or pretending we are any better than the rest of the student body because we can point out all these flaws

  6. I went to me, I have never spent one second of my life wishing I had gone to ND instead. You are an idiot.