Thursday, April 16, 2009

#6: Claddaugh Rings

While Notre Dame Students do not wear a massive amount of jewelry, they do love to sport two types of rings.  Aside from Class Rings, the women of Notre Dame (and Saint Mary’s of course), love to wear Claddaugh Rings. 

For those who aren’t familiar, the Claddaugh Ring is a traditional Irish ring that is made up of two hands that encompass a heart.  As tradition has it, women wear Claddaugh rings in different ways depending on what their current relationship status is. 

If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing out, it means that the wearer is not currently in a relationship.  If the ring is turned around, it means that the wearer’s heart has been pledged to somebody.  When the ring bearer moves the ring to her left hand, then it means they are engaged or married depending on which direction the heart is facing.

Notre Dame Women love to wear Claddaugh Rings not only to show off their Irish heritage (or wanted Irish heritage), but also to tell everybody what their current relationship status is.  Claddaugh Rings were like the facebook profile of the 14th century; when men see them, they are able to immediately discern the availability status of the wearer. 

Notre Dame Women further like Claddaugh Rings because of the invigorating thrill involved with turning the ring around.  When a Woman has the opportunity to turn her ring around, she has won victory by achieving the great objective of all Notre Dame Women: A Long Term Relationship. 

Women who do not wear Claddaugh Rings are considered by men to be unavailable because they are either a) going to join the sisterhood, or b) lesbian.  These women must be avoided by Notre Dame Men at all costs.


  1. thank you for the smc chick shout-out!

    -katie, smc class of 2008

  2. How many times can you spell Claddagh incorrectly in one post?

  3. Meghan Price ( 6, 2009 at 5:51 PM

    So, my claddagh is a necklace, which makes me an exception, right? I feel like it makes me mysterious; you can tell I am not lesbian, nor am I being shipped off to a convent anytime soon, but you cannot tell the state of my romantic life, just from looking at my hand. This probably also means that I am not waiting, as impatiently as the other claddagh wearers, for the opportunity to flip it over and proclaim my “victory”. I guess I am still guilty of being a little too proud of my Irish heritage, which I actually do have.

  4. that is some funny shit, i like how they all wear the ring so you know whether or not its worth talking to them, but that sucks that they all want relationships. whatever happened to casual sex?

  5. Haven't you heard, casual sex doesn't happen at Notre Dame. We only have "Notre Dame Hook-ups"

  6. a great ring celtic style man love it

  7. Since the Claddagh was invented in the 17th century I doubt it was "the facebook profile of the 14th century." Just sayin. Anywho, great article.