Thursday, April 16, 2009

#3: Using High Tuition Payments As An Excuse To Steal Shit

Notre Dame Students are proud that they attend a school that has an astronomically high tuition.  They know that this tuition is emblematic of how special their education really is and are grateful when their parents pay for it. 

However, Notre Dame Students also realize that the tuition is really, really high, and they use this fact to justify stealing things from the University.  The most popular place to steal things is the dining hall.  Many Notre Dame Students have entire sets of kitchen utensils that were smuggled out of the dining hall.  These students do not really consider these possessions as stolen goods because they paid too much to use them after all.

On-Campus students also take advantage of the system by helping themselves to as much food from CoMo and as many candles at the Grotto as they wish.  It doesn't matter if the money here is going to charity, because these students are paying a lot of money to be here.

Some off-campus students even take this to another level.  Monogram Waffle Irons, modular desk chairs, library staplers, Reckers salt and pepper shakers, DeBartolo Hall Toilet Paper, and towels from The Rock can all be seen at various off-campus residences because students feel a sense of entitlement to them because of their high tuition payments (and they don’t want to purchase these items).

The most notable stolen good is the Football Game Concession Stand Table.  Students steal these planks on nearly every football weekend so they can use them as beer pong tables.  While this vagrancy can probably be chalked up to drunken shenanigans, it probably would not happen if students did not feel that their high tuition payments entitled them to everything they lay their eyes on.  


  1. LOL! So True. I can't even tell you how much Tabasco I took from SDH... whoops.

    I didn't think of getting a Monogram Waffle Iron... now that I live off-campus, though, I'm really considering it...

  2. Got all of the toilet paper for my senior year Turtle Creek apartment from various floors of the library. The anti-tamper devices on the dispensers are a joke. What a cheap bastard I was!

  3. Steal? Isn't that a SIN???