Thursday, April 16, 2009

#7: UGGs in Snow

Due to the hostile environment in South Bend between the months of September and May, Notre Dame Students must be prepared for every possible kind of inclement weather.  Coats, hats, gloves, scarves, wool socks, long underwear, and snowpants are all necessities for braving the elements.  Most important amongst the winter clothing is boots, and for Notre Dame Women, the only type of boots that can be worn for speed, traction, warmth, dryness, comfort, and style are UGGs. 

Never mind the fact that UGGs were designed to be worn on Australian beaches after surfing, Notre Dame women are convinced that they are the best possible footwear for the winter months.  Do they keep your feet dry?  All it takes is a quick coat of water-proofing spray to make UGGs waterproof, snowproof, and backerproof all in one sitting.  Do they keep your feet warm?  Absolutely they do (provided the wearer of said UGGs does not actually walk through any snow).  Do you move quickly in them?  Typically not.  Do they have traction for the icy patches of sidewalk that were not particularly salted to the requisite levels?  HELL NO!

But UGGs are the most stylish boot out there.  Many Notre Dame women actually own two or three pairs just for when one is inevitably too wet or too dirty to wear.  Do they care about the hazards of destroying their stylish footwear in the grim and grime of a South Bend winter?  Of course not.  She who does not wear UGGs in snow is not fulfilling her duties as a Notre Dame Woman. 


  1. Jimmy Clausen has UGGs

  2. I think UGGS are often the epitome of the lack of style that most notre dame girls demonstrate - particularly when baggy sweats are tucked into the UGGS ... And while they do keep your feet fairly warm, they are shapeless and make the lower legs look short and stocky. most ND girls need a serious style makeover... let's start by replacing UGGS by a boot with a little more style and flattering shape.