Thursday, July 23, 2009

#39: Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You

Christmas is a magical time of year at Notre Dame. In the period between Thanksgiving and the end of finals, Notre Dame Students have many Christmas dances and parties that they attend (see #25). At each of these events they will play countless holiday themed classics ranging from Bing Crosby to Britney Spears, and they will undoubtedly turn to All I Want for Christmas is You many, many times throughout the season.

Each time they play this song, Notre Dame Students will be sure to pull a Sam from Love, Actually (see a number to be written later) and point towards one of their peers during the chorus. During this section, Notre Dame Students will use extreme caution to make sure that things do not become awkward with the person they point towards.

If they have already achieved the victory of a long term relationship then this issue is a moot point, but if not then problems arise. Most females overcome this problem by pointing at one of their girls, while most males overcome the issue by pointing out into thin air. However, sometimes Notre Dame Men try to use this as an opportunity to make the first move towards what could result in a long term relationship. Typically, this ends in failure (or possibly a dance floor makeout).

Notre Dame Students love this song so much, that they play it year-round. Would any Notre Dame Student be surprised if the song was played at Finnegan’s in September? No; in fact this is expected. Likewise, no student would hesitate to put the song on at a party in April. Notre Dame Students love this song, and it has become an essential part of the Notre Dame Playlist.


  1. Speaking of the "Notre Dame Playlist," you should address that in future post. Cascada comes to mind...

  2. Along with Since You Been Gone by K Clark. Sadly it seems to have faded over the years but you couldn't walk two feet across the quad on weekend nights freshman year w/o hearing that blast out of the window of a dorm party.

  3. piano man at the end of every dance. journey, livin on a prayer, sweet caroline at every party.

  4. you couldn't walk down south quad during those warm days without hearing "ding dong song" by gunther blaring from alumni. that should go on the playlist. i disagree with hero btw.