Wednesday, July 8, 2009

#33: Trivia

Notre Dame Students love matching wits with other Notre Dame students.  They start pointless debates in dorms, classrooms, bars, parties, and dining halls that include just about any topic.  Politics, sports, religion, movies, history, literature, music, and television can all provide ample topics for Notre Dame Students to discuss, and they can all provide ample questions for Notre Dame Students to answer.

Because of this, Notre Dame Students love trivia.  They love all kinds of trivia.  Trivia games they can play alone in their free time, such as watching Jeopardy on TV or playing (see #18) are useful tools to practice, but Notre Dame Students really love the competition.  Some will get this competition amongst their friends by playing trivia games at Buffalo Wild Wings or Trivial Pursuit on a slow night (or to pregame with MD 20/20 shots for each color pie). 

Random campus events that feature trivia will cause Notre Dame Students to come out in droves, and weekly events around campus and South Bend will encourage students to form teams that will battle to prove their wits.  Legend’s and Between the Buns are both popular locations for teams to compete that feature great team names such as Jesse and the Rippers or Drink Drank Drunk, and Notre Dame Students will do their best to win these events as often as possible.

The main reason that Notre Dame Students love trivia, however, is not just because they have an innate desire to compete, but because they want to prove that they are smarter than they next guy.  Through trivia outlets, students are able to prove who has more worthless knowledge in their mind, who reads the most random Wikipedia pages, who is the most in tune with popular culture, and who can form the brightest teams; all important aspects of smartness.  


  1. You fail to mention the insatiable desire for the free t-shirts that many trivia contests around campus provide as prizes as a motivating force behind the trivia obsession.

  2. You neglected to add the best trivia team name EVER: "We've Got Sharky"

  3. and this is why a notre dame student won the jeopardy college championship this year.

  4. pat tucker of st. louis and zahm house won $100k this May on college jeopardy