Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#38.5: Things Saint Mary’s Students Like

1) Calling themselves “Smick Chicks”

2) The Avenue

3) Taking pictures on the “Sluttle

4) Having Mothers who went to SMC and Fathers who went to Notre Dame

5) Taylor Swift

6) Working in Hospitals or Schools instead of taking classes

7) The Dance Marathon

8) Buying Food at the Cyber Café

9) Paying Their Student Government a Salary

10) Going out on weeknights

11) Oddly Shaped Dining Hall Trays

12) Notre Dame Athletes

13) Obnoxiously big dorm hallways

14) The Keenan Revue (ironically)

15) Getting Hooded

16) Jamaica Shaika

17) Being on Committees

18) Club Fever

19) Complaining about Traffic

20) Most (if not all) of the Things Notre Dame Students Like


  1. You forgot sunbathing, participating in 40s at 4, the salad bar, themed parties, complaining about the closed tunnels, and the BACKER* to name a few.

    *this is KEY, because on any given night, the ratio of SMC to ND students is probably higher.

  2. I agree with most of these... but the dining hall trays are truly obnoxious.

    The tunnels are a point of contention, but our fresh baked cookies are to DIE FOR!!! :D

  3. ah, jamaica shaka. what a night my first year... and 2nd. and 3rd. maybe 4th.

    i <3 the backer and miss it like crazy!

    oh, but i spell it "smc chick"

  4. 21) notre dame varsity athletes (usually male)

  5. That's number 12.

  6. The breadsticks at Dalloways

  7. what is getting hooded?

  8. They closed the tunnels?