Friday, December 11, 2009

#66.5: Things Fr. Jenkins* Likes

1)       “Going Green”
2)       Creating Controversies
3)       The Academic Forum
4)       Uganda (see #1)
5)       Killing the Vagina Monologues
6)       Running with ROTC Students
7)       Creating a family friendly atmosphere
8)       Groundbreaking Ceremonies for new buildings
9)       Killing the Gay Film Festival
10)   Bill Kirk
11)   Premature Contract Extensions
12)   Academic Freedom (sort of)
13)   Calling ND a ‘research institution’
14)   Sustaining  the city of South Bend
15)   Fr. Malloy (for being an easy act to follow)

*Fr. Jenkins AND the University Administration


  1. HAHAHA this is one of the best ones yet!

  2. He calls it a research institution because under the Carnegie Classification System for universities, Notre Dame IS a research institution.

    otherwise, hilarious.

  3. Love it. Would change #13 to Fr. Jenkin's obsession with turning ND into an Ivy League...

  4. #16 smiling ALL the time... perhaps in a bid to deflect attention from the dark and troubling thoughts circling behind those loving fatherly eyes

  5. i am an ROTC kid and he did go on a ton of runs with us. pretty cool guy.