Tuesday, December 1, 2009

#64: Omelets

Like most college students, those at Notre Dame are fairly apathetic towards breakfast.  With the majority of students only having 14 meals on their meal plan each week, and the breakfast hours of the dining halls incompatible with the schedules of many students, there is just no time or place for a traditional breakfast during the typical week.  Most students settle for a bagel and coffee from Waddick’s or Starbucks.

When students do get breakfast in the dining halls, however, they typically make sure to get the omelets from the omelet bars in both dining halls. 

Some students go to the omelet bar regularly throughout the week.  These students have their chosen ingredients set and they get to know the omelet makers quite well throughout their omelet making careers.  Other students only utilize the omelet bar on the weekends when it is a brunch option much later in the day.  These students find that the omelets do great work on hangovers and help the students prepare for a full day of studying.  They eat their omelets while recapping the debauchery of the previous night and thinking through the things they wish they hadn’t done (see #11, doing things that are SO college).

Further students only eat their omelets for special occasions.  Some make special trips to breakfast on mornings when they have early exams and enjoy their omelet as a sort of pre-test pump up meal.  Some students only get omelets when the monogram waffle-makers have gone missing.  Other students make a point to specifically go to the omelet bars the morning after they have pulled an all-nighter.  These omelets act as a triumphal post-game treat after a long night of studying or paper writing.

Overall, most Notre Dame Students find a way to work the occasional omelet into their diet, and the omelet bar is certainly one of the most beloved menu items at either dining hall.

>Note: The pictured omelet is NOT from either Notre Dame dining hall.


  1. Do they still do pasta stir-fry? That was always a huge to-do... People would be forever comparing the various combos of sauce they could come up with... Like Chicago Pizza + Alfredo = THE BEST EVER and everyone thought they came up with it all on their own...

  2. You spelled Omelette wrong.

  3. What about shortening the names of buildings to things that don't really make sense? Notre Dame students love to call O'Shaughnssey O-Shag, or La Fortune La Fun, DeBartolo is Debart (or DPAC, depending), Coleman-Morris is CoMo... etc.

  4. man i could use a greasy omelete right now.

    and btw chicago/marinara is the secret best combo. i confirmed this after force feeding it to several self proclaimed lifetime chicago-alfredo eaters, who agreed that chi/marinara took the cake.

  5. it's sooo goodddd

  6. chi-provencal...just sayin

  7. no dude chicago alfredo is way better