Friday, May 29, 2009

#23: Lou Holtz

Despite the fact that he hasn’t coached here in a dozen years, Notre Dame Students love Lou Holtz more than ever.  Maybe it is his pep rally speeches on YouTube, maybe it is his unapologetic support of Notre Dame on College GameDay Final, or maybe it is just a longing for the glory days that can’t seem to return.  Whatever it is, Notre Dame Students still love Lou Holtz.

When Lou Holtz talks, Notre Dame Students listen.  His Dr. Lou and Pep Talk segments on College GameDay Live frequently quiet any room of Notre Dame Students (despite the fact he frequently says the same thing), and his YouTube clips regularly capture the attention of students as well.  A Lou Holtz speech will make most Notre Dame Students foam at the mouth or scream deliriously in support of their favorite Notre Dame Football coach.

What is puzzling is that Lou Holtz achieved his greatest success before most current students were even alive, and last contended for a National Championship before these students were in kindergarten.  The man was forced out of his job here under mysterious circumstances and was last seen as a coach at the University of South Carolina, but Notre Dame Students love him more than ever because of his quick quips and intense rivalry with Irish-hater Mark May.

Notre Dame Students love Lou Holtz because he has reached that Grandfatherly level where he can say whatever he wants whenever he wants.  He no longer cares how crazy people might perceive him to be, he just says what he wants.  No matter how poorly the University might have treated him ten years ago; Lou Holtz will love Notre Dame until the end of time; and because of this Notre Dame Students will always love him.


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