Thursday, May 28, 2009

#22: Sneaking Starbucks Into the Library

While most items on this list pertain to students that spend much their free time in bars or watching football games, many students spend large portions of their time in the library.  Students at Notre Dame like to think of themselves as people who work hard and party hard, and whether this is true or not, they need regular boosts of caffeine to help them study for tests, write papers, and do projects in the floors behind Touchdown Jesus.

In order to fuel themselves through the exams and papers they need to work on, Notre Dame Students (like most college students) typically resort to coffee, and because they care so much about name brands (see #12) they typically get their coffee from the LaFortune Hall Starbucks that is just a short stroll away from the doors to the Library. 

Problems arise, however, because Starbucks coffee is not technically allowed in the library. Students must resort to drastic measures in order to sneak their Starbucks past the Hesburgh Library top notch security team that is manning all entrances to the building (or the only entrance to the building).  Some students smoothly hold their Starbucks at their side where the Coffee-Nazis don’t notice it.  Others take more intense precautions by putting their Starbucks in coat pockets or even balancing it in their backpack.

However they choose to sneak their Starbucks into the library, Notre Dame Students are free to reveal it as soon as they make their way past the security checkpoint.  Once in the basement or second floor, Notre Dame Students can peacefully drink their Starbucks and get down to the task of doin' work . . . or not (see #18).


  1. I used to sneak Subway in there, never caught once by those guards! They were to busy watchin golf or family feud.
    Crazy Times....

  2. The guard was almost always playing solitaire in my time there

  3. Some people sneak in chips and salsa ...

  4. Me and my friend once snuck in an entire pizza.

  5. Notice how the comments become a competition too. n00bs. People back in the 70s snuck in kegs.