Thursday, September 24, 2009

#53: Chipotle

By the end of their freshmen year, Notre Dame Students will look for any reason to go off-campus for meals.  Having tested every possible combination of food in their dining hall of choice, Notre Dame Students get into the cars that they weren’t allowed to have when they first arrived and seek out eateries on and around the Grape Road corridor (because that’s the only place students know how to get to).

Of all the eateries that Notre Dame Students frequent, none is as popular or beloved than Chipotle.  Notre Dame Students love the taste of their overly processed fake Mexican food just as much as they love any of the items on this list, and for many years they had been more than willing to take 90 minutes out of their busy days to drive to Mishawaka to satisfy their craving for burritos. 

This week, however, a new Chipotle location is opening in the Eddy Street Commons.  Because the Chipotle is the one place within this overly sterilized downtown area that Notre Dame Students will actually frequent, it is the only place that they have been waiting for. 

Because of the degree to which Notre Dame Students love Chipotle, it goes without saying that this location will quickly become the busiest Chipotle in the world (just like the Subway in LaFortune . . or not) because Notre Dame Students will now be able to ride their bikes or even walk to the location. 

Before long, this eatery will be so successful that the dining halls will have to examine their profit margins, Rocco’s will have to increase their already exorbitant prices, and off-campus students will do far less cooking than the trivial amount they currently do.  With a Chipotle closer to campus than Carroll Hall, Notre Dame Students will see little to no reason to explore other dining options. 


  1. As anyone from Illinois knows, the most frequented Chipotle in the world is at U of I. It is actually on their "campus", it is 2 stories high, Illinois kids LOVE their chipotle as much as ND kids, and theres 4 times more U of I kids as ND students.

  2. But Chipotle is icky and gross....
    As a southern Californian, I retain the right to criticize all Mexican food made in Indiana until someone with more experience comes in...
    And Chipotle is disgusting

  3. anonymous have clearly never eaten at chipotle

  4. I'm from Texas and I think Chipotle tastes like heaven

  5. chipotle is as good of mexican food as you can get without having to wait for it at a table.

    and the u of i person can start their own website of stuff illinois people like, and no one will care.

  6. I LIVE IN THE EDDY STREET COMMONS! Yaaay. I was sooo excited when they said they were putting in a Chipotle. As it turns out, I can see it from my apartment. Sweeeeet. And, yes, it cuts my cooking at least in half.

  7. the 5 guys will be more successful. once ND kids learn the awesomeness of 5 guys burgers, they will go there far more than the chipotles next door

  8. im from new mexico, 40 miles from the mexican border and LOVE chipotle!! and as for the new mexicans who have actually gone farther out than el paso, they love it too!