Monday, September 7, 2009

#49: Sweatpants

Notre Dame Students love sweatpants. While this is not shocking because of the cold temperatures that are almost always prevalent, the degree to which Notre Dame Students wear sweatpants is exorbitantly high. At Notre Dame, sweatpants can be worn for any and every occasion and are almost always appropriate even when they are inappropriate.

In most areas of the country and world, sweatpants are only really appropriate for people when they are working out or relaxing in the comfort of their own homes. People might wear sweatpants when they are jogging or when they are watching a movie in their family room, but they will rarely wear sweatpants out of the house for an endeavor that is not based in athletics.

At Notre Dame, students wear sweatpants everywhere. While it is almost never appropriate, students wear sweatpants to class more often than not. Notre Dame Professors are awestruck by the level of informality that students bring to the classroom wearing hoodies and sweatpants to classes like they are training to run a marathon. These students don’t think anything of their outfits as they are dressing similarly to the rest of their peers.

Not only do Notre Dame Students wear sweatpants to class, but they also wear sweatpants to mass. In many parts of the world going to mass is one of the most formal parts of the week that sees parishioners dress up quite formally on Sundays. At Notre Dame, however, dorm masses make it possible for students to worship on Sunday nights without changing out of their sweatpants, sandals, and t-shirts. While these masses probably are some of the holiest outside of the Vatican, they are also some of the most informal due to Notre Dame Student’s favoritism for sweatpants.

Because Notre Dame Students like to wear sweatpants so much, they also are sure to make customized pairs of sweatpants a lot. Just as Notre Dame Students like to make T-Shirts (see #35) they also like to make sweatpants to wear with their customized t-shirts. Students will make sweatpants for their dorms, sweatpants for clubs, and sweatpants for their class. The only question will be: what color do they want their sweatpants to be?


  1. So true. So very true.

    You should mention in one of your posts Notre Dame's squirrels of unusual size and how they only ever water the sidewalks.

  2. This is so true. I'm now in medical school and have several domers in my school. I would never dream of wearing sweat pants, despite coming from ND, around the medical center because I dress up for work and even if I'm not currently working I still see tons of people I work with when I go to the medical center. But some of my domer classmates will wear sweatpants around the medical campus which I think is completely inappropriate, I don't want to see physicians that I work with when I'm wearing sweat pants!

    With that being said while I didn't wear sweatpants to class at ND I did at least once wear running clothes after I did a marathon training run because I ran out of time before class to change. It was pretty gross but it was hard to fit training in.

  3. Hey, Jesus said not to dress richly, we're just taking Him at His word.