Monday, June 15, 2009

#27: Spooning

Notre Dame Students love a good spoon, and not the kind that you can steal from the dining hall (see # 3).  The kind of spooning that Notre Dame Students like is described by, as “a cuddling position, a kind of hugging when both the hugger and the hugged persons face the same direction, i.e., the front of one person is in contact with the back of the second one.”

However, the spooning that Notre Dame Students partake in is so much more than this sterilized definition because it has another added element.  When Notre Dame Students spoon, it is beautiful. 

Spooning for Notre Dame Students is oftentimes an act that physically signifies their place in a long-term relationship (i.e. the ultimate goal of all Notre Dame Women) because what other stages of relationships are suitable for a good spooning?  A person would never attempt a spoon if they are partaking in a random hook-up (see #21).  Despite bromances being popular right now, they rarely move past the “sharing a large popcorn bucket at the matinee showing of The Hangover” stage of intimacy.  No, spooning is usually reserved for couples that have fully entrenched themselves in the joys of a long-term relationship.*

Furthermore, couples in long-term relationships like to demonstrate the beauty of their love to all of their friends by making their spoons highly noticeable.  In fact, many Notre Dame Relationships start eagerly with the “quad middle-room” spoon where the beauty of a long-term relationship is shared by a semi-public spoon.  The degree to which the spooners want to spread their love can be determined by what is going on in the room/apartment/house at the time of the spoon.  An example of the progression follows:

1)       Watching a Notre Dame Basketball game, room empty

2)   Roommates watching a crappy made-for-SciFi Channel Movie,

3)   During a popular television show watch (see #19), all seats taken

4)   In the middle of a weekend party, room full.

5)   During JPW, parents present

Regardless of wherever and whenever the spooning happens, Notre Dame Students enjoy its beauty and relentlessly participate in it (and apparently hold the world record in it).    

*Exception: The above picture, which evidently is the longest spoon train ever.


  1. I can't believe you linked to a crappy Sci-Fi Channel movie and it wasn't Pterodactyl (starring COOLIO)

  2. you mean this gem of a film:

  3. I was part of the spoon train! Great blog, by the way. I just found it and I can't stop reading it...