Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Just a Blog Any More. . .

Rarely do I like to write on this blog in the first person, but I’m writing today with great fear and a little bit of pride and excitement to announce that Things Notre Dame Students Like is now on sale as a book!!  From the great folks over at Corby Books, Things Notre Dame Students Like is available for purchase at the Hammes Bookstore on campus and you can order it online by clicking the link to the right (or you can click right here).

The book not only includes the entire list of Things up to and including the thrilling conclusion at #(you’ll have to buy the book to find out), but it also includes original never-before-seen material including:
  • New and original charts and graphs that depict behaviors only touched upon on the blog
  • New lists of Things other groups like including ND Professors and Coach Mike Brey
  • New chapters to replace old and out of date entries such as #19 (although I still love The O.C.)
Beyond this, each and every chapter has been rewritten and revised to the point where some are completely different and bring up new points and ideas that were left out on the blog.

I hope you all check it out, and most importantly I hope you all continue to enjoy the Things Notre Dame Students Like.



  1. Congrats Bob! This is great news! I'm going to buy a copy when I graduate and share it with anyone who will listen.

  2. Congrats, but man is that cover ugly.