Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#85.5: Things Notre Dame Alumni Like

1.       Complaining about the football team, regardless of what happens on the field
2.       Threatening to halt donations
3.       Hiring ND Students
4.       Reminiscing about the bars at five corners
5.       Complaining about Tom Hammond and Pat Haden
6.       Getting indignant about losing catholic identity
7.       Using the word ‘draconian’ to describe University policies
8.       Dorm mass after football games
9.       The Sorin Society and other donation based organizations
10.    Talking about how they couldn’t get into ND if they applied today
11.    Ara Parseghian
12.    Knowing the lyrics to now-obscure school songs
13.    Buying property in South Bend
14.    Complaining about the football schedule
15.    Vanity license plates
16.    Talking about the quarterback from the year they graduated
17.    Being quiet during football games while complaining about a lack of noise in the stadium
18.    Rocco’s
19.    Pep Rallys (both talking about how awesome they used to be in the old Fieldhouse and actively contributing to the modern incarnation being significantly less awesome)
20.    Monogram sweater-vests
21.    Hoping their local city hosts an off-site game, and then complaining about the existence of the off-site games
22.    Playing catch with their children on South Quad
23.    Lamenting the loss of the University Club
24.    Being randomly generous to current students
25.    Having their kids attend the University of Notre Dame


  1. I'm sensing a new blog coming along...

  2. Hahaha, this is hilariously true. :D

  3. Excellent post. I really *do* like Rocco's!