Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#74: Giving Up THE Most Outrageous thing for Lent

Notre Dame Students love lent.  They love not seeing priests wear green every week, they love their inability to eat meat on Fridays, and they love the food the dining hall is able to prepare each Friday without meat (actually, they don’t love this at all, but hate it).  However, the most important part of Lent for Notre Dame Students is what they choose to give up for the season.

Many Notre Dame Students feel an incessant need to prove how Catholic they are to all of their peers and this desire oftentimes manifests itself by making religion a competition amongst students (see #4).  One way that Notre Dame Students can prove that they are more Catholic than other Notre Dame Students is by giving up something for Lent that is more outrageous and ridiculous than what their friends give up.

For some people these sacrifices are related to food.  Students might give up meat during all of Lent or give up something even crazier like cheese.  Some might give up Starbucks (see #22) or Reckers (see #14) while others might expand on that and give up all fried food.  Many Notre Dame girls might attempt to give up the FroYo machine, but this doesn’t last long.  Still others might take things a step further and limit or cease their consumption of alcohol during Lent. 

Many students give up completely different things ranging from using the elevator in their dorm (obviously only possible in the newer dorms) to something along the lines of the infamous Seinfeld episode, The Contest.  Other students might try to add something to their daily routine like working out more, studying more, or praying more. 

While Notre Dame Students might give many reasons for making sacrifices during Lent, deep down they all know that the things they give up for Lent are meant as a way to show other people how Catholic they are and how much more religious they are than the typical student.  All Notre Dame Students want to be the MOST Catholic student, and Lenten sacrifice is just another way to accomplish this objective.


  1. I know this whole blog is supposed to be humorous and tongue-in-cheek, but this entry just paints the picture of the entire student body being a collection of self-righteous douche bags. Thumbs down.

  2. ....hiding under anonymous, no surpirse.

    -Mike Rohrs

  3. It's a lighthearted collection of our foibles. Get over it. We like ourselves.

    No fried food for me this Lent! O Joy!

  4. ND Godless Society is organizing a Meat-a-Thon next Friday. Who's in? It'll be tasty.

  5. I gave up coffee for Lent once. I had a headache for a solid week.

    This year my girlfriend gave up chocolate and I gave up alcohol.

    I am suddenly finding new creative potential when it comes to planning dates.

  6. I'm giving up gluten. True story.

  7. props to Luke for giving up something I discovered by reading this blog (and am now addicted to...)

  8. "All Notre Dame Students want to be the MOST Catholic student"

    haha yeah right I want to be the least Catholic here

  9. I gave up Facebook. That way I have more time to read blogs.