Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#43.5: Days Notre Dame Students Like

Throughout the school year there are many days that students get excited for. Some of these days they know are coming months and years ahead of time, while others take the school by surprise. All of these days, however, bring a level of excitement that makes most of the student body very happy. Here they are:

1) USC Game [only in odd years]

2) Day/night before the USC Game [only in odd years]

3) First Friday of the Fall Semester [or whenever each dorm throws Dis-Orientation]

4) First Home Game

5) Saint Patrick’s Day

6) Michigan Game [an even year replacement for #1]

7) Room Picks [varies depending on dorm]

8) Blue-Gold Game [mainly due to PigTostal]

9) First Day of Spring [Halter Top Day]

10) First Big Snowfall of the Winter

11) The Day the Annual ND-SMC Viewpoint War reaches its Zenith

12) First Day of Winter Study Days [due to Christmas Parties]

13) Last Night Dorms are Open in the Spring

14) First Bookstore Basketball Games

15) Day Beer Garden Re-Opens at Corby’s


  1. I am sad rally in the alley did not make it on this list... mostly because it doesn't exist anymore :(

  2. #9 is closely related to The Day - some years they both fall on the same calendar day. Everyone loves The Day: the first day it's warm and sunny, typically a Friday when no one has much work to do, guys with guitars, couches on the quad, frisbees and footballs and baseballs flying every direction, guys without shirts, girls in bikinis, everyone just lovin' life.... Oh, The Day...